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Recorder Fingering Charts

As I was setting up my classroom, I realized again that I want to replace my recorder fingering charts. As I looked online in what little time I had last night, I didn’t immediately find any free charts in the size I wanted. I’m including a link to the files I created last night. If anyone would like to use them, feel free! I’m not completely happy with the treble clef clip art I used, so eventually I’ll change it. In the meantime, these are what I have.

Treble Clef A

Treble Clef B

Treble Clef Bb

Treble Clef E

Treble Clef F

Treble Clef F#

Treble Clef G

Treble Clef High C

Treble Clef High D

Treble Clef Low C

Treble Clef Low D

I used dropbox to save and share the files.

I hope everyone has a great start to the school year!