A New Smartboard

I’ve decided to make “learning to teach with a Smartboard from the perspective a tech newbie” a main topic this year. Each step of the way has taken more time than I would have liked, but the Smartboard is now in my room, computer set up, with only the installation of the software as the last step…I hope!

I applied for a grant from my school district a year ago last spring, but didn’t receive it. Then about half way through the school year (last winter) I learned that the school PTA would provide one for the music room as well as another room in the building. The box arrived sometime in the spring, and I was so excited that I took a picture!

With the beginning of the school year starting, the equipment is now mounted on the wall where students can enjoy interacting. When I walked into the music room two weeks ago, I planned to get somewhat comfortable with the technology before school starts on the 23rd. However, this “techie” had problems throughout the week getting the phone, network, computer lines hooked up correctly. As of this morning, I understand  the wires are connected and the Smartboard is ready to use. Well, almost. I still have to install the software onto my computer. With the slowness of this whole process, I certainly hope I’m able to get that step to go smoothly!

I thought the world of technology  was moving extremely rapidly?! So far, the process, for me, is inching along. The good news is the students in my classes will be familiar with Smartboard technology from their regular classroom. I have a feeling they’ll be teaching me a lot this year!


3 responses to “A New Smartboard

  1. Wow, looks like even with advances in technology, the new gear still has to be integrated into the existing school structure. Installation always takes a long time when you’re talking about computers. Everything has to be lined up. Meanwhile, we’re all so impatient to begin exploring! I can’t wait to read your next smartboard adventure.

    • Exactly! We teachers still have to wait for the gear to be integrated into the existing school structure.

      As a music teacher whose had several jobs where traveling was the norm, having a room to myself the last two years has been a fairy tale! I’ve taught in gyms, on stages, and from a cart. In the past I’ve had from no computer access in my teaching “rooms” to, if I was lucky, one on a desk in a room I shared with another teacher. Last spring when I received four old computers from the LRC and the promise of a Smartboard, I was ecstatic! It took several weeks for even the computers to get hooked up correctly: the school needed to find different wires and switches to connect them to the network.

      Because of my general lack of experience teaching music with technology, I really wanted to at least have some time to learn some basics with the Smartboard. Even though I’ve played around with them at workshops, that was several months ago. Remembering where to go in the program to do even the most basic functions with a room full of children waiting patiently (or not!) will be a challenge at first. Oh well. Like I said in the post, I’ll learn as I go, and the students will help me. 🙂 Using the Smartboard every day will increase my learning curve!

  2. Congratulations on receiving the Smartboard. Every classroom in our district has been outfitted with one, but they chose not to give them to art and music teachers. I was, however, given a ceiling mounted LCD projector, and am able to use the Smartboard software with that. It doesn’t allow for any interaction with the kids, but I can create some fantastic graphics for use with my lessons. I really do love the software, and you will, too.

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