Learning a Few Techie Things

Summer is a great time to add techie skills. I’m able to take the extra minutes to figure out processes and how to apply them. One thing I’ve often seen used, but never took the time to learn how to do, is screenshots of a computer screen. Just a few minutes ago, I took my first screenshot after googling the topic. I’ve seen screenshots in blogposts, and just tried to paste it here from Evernote. Since that was unsuccessful, I’ll try putting the screenshot on my desktop first.

That worked. Sometimes I just need those few extra minutes to figure out how to use technology. I don’t always have those extra minutes during the school year.

One of the most helpful tools I’ve discovered in recent months is the App Push Reader for my iPhone. It allows me to select sites from my Google Reader and receive push notifications when those sites are updated. I’ve had RSS feeds in a Google Reader for a couple of years, but I rarely remembered to check it. Now the push notifications remember for me!

I have several great music and regular educator’s sites in the list as well as a couple of tech blogs included. Just last week, I discovered through one of the feeds (or possibly a tweet?) Jane’s Pick of the Day. Jane Hart is a Learning & Performance Consultant, and founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. Every day she features an item of (e-)learning interest. Since receiving push notifications from her site, I’ve discovered several tools I can use to become a more effective teacher.

One of those sites is Aviary.

I sent a request for an account this morning and used the priority code listed on Jane Hart’s site. Hopefully, I’ll have one soon.

One item that continues to frustrate me is getting my school e-mail account on my iPhone. After trying several times unsuccessfully today and yesterday, I think it’s time to contact the school’s tech department!


2 responses to “Learning a Few Techie Things

  1. Hey Mrs. Brown, here’s a nice guide to capturing specific portions of your desktop; hope it helps you!


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