Frequency of Instruction and Practice

As the third grade classes dance one of my all-time favorites, a reel, to the music “Alabama Gal” in Chimes of Dunkirk, I feel right at home! My student teacher is currently in charge,  so I have time to write a few thoughts.

Yesterday was the first full rehearsal for the 2nd grade musical. The music and riser choreography is well prepared. I’m thrilled with that part of the production. However, the cast on stage is struggling. Part of the problem is all students don’t have their lines memorized yet. I also figured out last night, that there’s another problem. I scheduled practices a week earlier than last year (a good thing), but only once a week for each scene rather than twice a week. That wasn’t such a good thing! Most students need more frequent practice (fewer days apart) for their lines, blocking, etc. to stick!

The solution I arrived at will hopefully be enough. I’ve scheduled in another practice for each scene over the next few days. Frequency of instruction and practice is important for all areas of learning. I must remember that fact the next time I schedule the scene practices of even a simple 2nd grade play.


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